Moving into a new apartment or home can be scary. Let’s be sucks. It’s one of those moments in life you’d like to block out of your memory permanently – buying a car, getting your heart broken (she wasn’t worth it!) and moving.

But why does moving suck so much? Packing up your clothes into suitcases is a pain, but it’s doable. Carrying lamps and boxes out to a U-Haul isn’t anyone’s idea of a fun Saturday, but every couple of years it’s manageable.

If you think about it, moving REALLY sucks because of furniture that’s either too massive to move, or not durable enough to survive it.

Couches, as it turns out, are almost always one of the culprits.

When it’s time to move your couch, you’re left wondering what kind of witchcraft got it inside your home in the first place? You then wonder..will it even fit in your next place? Will it survive the move?

It’s time to put an end to the sofa scaries. Thanks to Burrow’s innovative design and high quality materials, your sofa will stick by your side for years to come. Did we mention it can be moved in suitcase-sized boxes? *Queue movie montage of you and your Burrow.*It’s time to put an end to the sofa scaries.

Behold the 5 ways Burrow Makes Moving Suck Less:

1. One week delivery.

After a simple checkout process, Burrow sofas arrive at your door in one week or less. Do you know what the industry average is? 10 weeks. Yes, they make you wait over 2 months to receive your couch, so you have to channel your inner Liam Neeson (Taken, not Love Actually) to figure out where your couch is.


2. Easy-to-move boxes.

If you’ve ordered a couch before, you know that you have three options to receive it (after that ridiculous waiting period):

  1. Drive it home from the store (Ha, right. My car can TOTALLY fit a couch in it.)
  2. White glove delivery into your home. (Seriously, you’re killing me. Who has the money for that?)
  3. Curbside delivery. (You select an 8am-12pm delivery window, take a half day off work, and your couch arrives at 4pm. And then comes the fun part...)


But wait! You no longer need to fear the stairs!

Burrow sofas arrive in a few easy-to-carry boxes with regular small parcel mail. No pivoting or wasted vacation days required.

3. Assembly that won’t give you a mental breakdown.

Burrow’s design is so innovative because, unlike IKEA, Burrow couches take less than 10 minutes to assemble, no tools required. Seriously.

It’s a pain-free process that will have you lounging in no time, and when you’re ready to move to your next space the disassembly is even easier. No broken bones, relationships or spirits... because face it - we’ve all been Ryan Reynolds trying to turn particle board and an Allen wrench into a passable piece of furniture.


4. It adapts to your space.

Life changes quickly- luckily your Burrow can change with you. That’s because Burrow sofas are modular, meaning you can make them longer or shorter by adding or removing modules. So whether you want a one seater, two seater, three seater or 27 seater, you can customize your sofa to your space and needs, and have confidence that it’ll fit into your next space


5. Reliable customer service with real Burrow employees.

Whether it’s an email, web chat, Facebook message, tweet, sliding into the DMs, or messenger pigeon. Any questions, concerns, issues or knock-knock jokes will be responded to ASAP.


Still not convinced? You can test out your Burrow for 30 cozy days, risk-free. If for any reason you choose to not keep your sofa, Burrow offers guaranteed returns. But don’t be surprised if this is you talking about how long you kept your Burrow one day: