Feng shui- Most of us recognize the word, but mainly remember it as the name of that book on our weird Aunt’s coffee table. It may seem like a hippy-dippy new age concept where you buy 17 bonsai plants and burn incense, but it’s so much more than that.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that allows humans to harmonize with their environment. Sounds magical, right? Burrow translation: the way you arrange your furniture can improve the overall chill factor in your home.

Forget buying that self-help book- you can improve yourself overall just by tweaking your space! Ever heard the notion of messy home, messy mind? It’s basically that but with a strategy- the strategy being to keep your home’s chi (energy) good and free flowing by properly arranging your furniture.

So kick back, grab a green tea and follow along as we give you some simplified feng shui 101, and explain how achieving it in your space can give you that ever-elusive ‘zen’ feeling (and lower your therapy bills!)

Here's 5 easy feng shui tips to improve your space’s chi:

1. Orient your bed the right way.

First thing’s first: you want the head of the bed to be against the wall furthest from the door, but not directly across from the door. Having your feet face directly towards the door is called ‘coffin position’ because that’s how the the dead are removed from rooms in China. So don't sleep in ‘coffin position’ because frankly, that sounds terrifying.

The most important thing is to just have a clear view of the door when you’re in bed. And if you can avoid it—try not to store stuff under your bed. Those objects release energy all night which can disturb the restful energy of your bedroom. (Who knew your early 2000’s DVD collection was screwing up your sleep?)

2. Add lots of living plants.

Things that grow—like plants—help connect you to the natural world. You can pick plants with specific shapes and colors to channel specific types of energy. Some good plants to have in your space for max feng shui benefits are:

Money plants (aka philodendron scandens)- place them anywhere and get that cash money! They attract energy that encourages abundance because C.R.E.A.M.
Lotus- place it at the entrance of your home to enhance positive energy and make the Seamless delivery man feel special.
Chrysanthemum- keep these guys in your living room to attract positive, happy energy. Good vibes only!
Bamboo- keep it in the corner of your living room and it will protect your home from negative energy and feed your imaginary pet panda.
Jade- well known for prosperity in the Asian culture, it’s said to strengthen the energy in your home and encourage overall well-being.


3. Be intentional with your lighting.

Focused light is exclusive, while ambient light is inclusive. This is why a lamp with directed light is great for solo work at a desk or on a bedside table for reading.

Ambient light which is from fixtures near the ceiling, help create a warmer and more inviting feeling for yourself and guests. This is the light you want!


4. Add mirrors around your space.

Mirrors are believed to be one of the most powerful “cures” in feng shui. What you see in the mirror is reflected into your home, so orienting them towards say a table where guests gather or so you can see a reflection of a nearby garden outside will draw in good chi to that room. (It will also make it look like you have more friends and own a garden).

Also consider placement. A mirror in the East promotes health and family, and one in the North is good for career and life path. So place your mirrors strategically! (But not on the ceiling above your bed- that’s just creepy.)


5. Create an intimate seating arrangement.

In your living room you want guests to feel close and connected, but not too cramped. Placing your sofa against a wall that is opposite a door is a great place to start. Then draw the additional seating in near to it rather than against other walls. This invites conversation.

Ideally, each seat should be in reach of a place to set down a drink or a book so guests feel welcome and at home. (Side tables and coffee tables work perfectly.)


And there you have it! You’ve successfully upped your homes feng shui. We hope your Burrow's feeling that much more cozy.