Very soon you may find yourself packing your duffle bag to the verge of explosion and starting the annual journey to your holiday destination.

If you're experiencing the family getting larger and beds getting sparcer, you may find yourself sleeping on the couch during your stay. (If that couch happens to be a Burrow- lucky you.) ;)

Here is our official holiday couch surfing etiquette guide to ensure you get an invite back next year.

1. Bring a hostess gift


Whether you’re staying on a family members couch or a friends, a small thank you gift is always in order. It shows that you appreciate them putting you up, and ultimately saving you lots of money on not having to get a hotel room.

Some fail-proof gifts are a nice bag of coffee grounds, treats from your favorite bakery or a nice bottle of wine.You can also reference our gift guide for some other great ideas.

2. Don’t sleep in your underwear


No one wants to come into the living room and see your half naked body sprawled on their couch.

Make sure you wear some kind of pajamas and keep things PG.

3. Get up when everyones up


There’s nothing more awkward than being the person still asleep on the couch while the rest of the house is up and about around you.

Once you hear people walking around and making coffee, it’s time to get up.

4. Put the couch back together


Leaving the couch a mess is a big no-go.

Once you’re up, before you do anything else, simply fold all the blankets and put the cushions, pillows and ottoman back to their rightful state.

5. Keep your belongings tidy


This goes for whether you’re crashing on the couch or in a guest bedroom. Make sure your travel bag of clothes and toiletries isn’t exploding around itself.

Keeping your stuff tidy is a way of showing that you respect it being someone else’s space.

6. Don’t eat messy snacks


Try not to eat crumbly, cracker-like snacks in your couch bed.

Your host doesnt want to sit in an aftermath of your late-night Cooler Ranch Doritos after you leave.

7. Be mindful of noise


This rule is especially for couch crashers since the host’s bedroom is usually an earshot from the living room.

Once everyone else goes to bed, it’s best to try and turn in too. If you absolutely cant crash yet, make sure you have your headphones in and avoid things like phone calls or rummaging around in the kitchen.

8. Treat your host to a meal


Even if you’re not an amazing cook, everyone can make a pot of coffee, scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.

This is another nice way of saying ‘thank you for letting me crash on your couch,’ and one less meal your host has to worry about.

Extra points if you do the dishes too.