Holiday guests are coming, whether you’re ready for them or not. One thing that’s often overlooked is seating. Sure, you figured out how to re-arrange all your furniture to fit 30 people into your already over-packed home, but did you think about where they are going to sit?

Having enough open seats for your guests to get cozy and relax is a rule in the book of adulting.

Here are a few ways to get more seating for holiday guests, fast.

1. Ottomans


The most versatile of furniture pieces, ottomans are perfect for extra seating. They can be scattered about your home and moved easily. The upside to ordering a Burrow ottoman is that it’s made with a super cozy cushion and stain-resistant fabric. Bring on the red wine and gravy!

2. Side tables that can double as seats


Also called a garden seat, these transform from side table to a seat in a blink. Place beside traditional seating like an armchair or sofa and let it be used for whatever your guests need.

3. Foldable chairs (that actually look nice)


Foldable chairs get a bad rap. We’re not talking the metal kind at your backyard family reunion. They actually make foldable chairs that aren’t completely tragic. These are great if you have a particularly small space, because whenever they’re not in use just fold them up and tuck them out of sight.

4. Floor pillows


If your guests are a bit more laid back floor pillows are a great option. Easy to stow away when not in use, they create a warm cozy vibe that’s great for conversation.

5. Poufs


If a garden seat and a floor pillow had a baby, it would be the pouf. A pouf has the same function as a floor pillow (aka you sit on it), but it’s much more structured and sturdy.