Getting rid of your old couch seems like a huge pain in the ass, but it's actually easy if you have a plan! It will also be the last time you have to do this if you're replacing it with a Burrow (which disassembles in a flash and moves with you).

Do: Donate it


Donating anything gently used to charity is always the best option. That way it avoids the landfill and helps someone in need of a couch the ability to get one at a much lower cost (if any).

Charities like Goodwill or Salvation Army are happy to take your old couch off your hands. Most also offer to arrange a pick-up from your house. Don't forget to get your receipt- you can get tax breaks for your donations!

Don't: Hurl it


Violently chucking your couch out the window is definitely not a good idea. However, it is really entertaning to watch.

Do: Curb it


If you can pull off this kind of manuever you win at life. If not, you can always just carry it down to your curb like a normal human. If the garbage truck doesnt take it, 9/10 someone on the hunt for free furniture will come and swoop it up.

Be sure to contact your city to make sure you know what their furniture disposal regulations are!

Don't: Ride it


As tempting as tying a couch to the back of a truck and riding it down the road sounds, we don't recommend this option.

Do: Post a for sale ad


Post some nice pictures of your couch for sale in places like Craigslist, eBay, Facebook groups, AptDeco etc. If you want to go old school you could event print out some for-sale ads and tack them up in your local buzzy coffee shop.

Don't: Stomp on it


You couch may be old and lumpy, but it doesn't deserve abuse.

Do: Garage sale it


If you live somewhere where you can have a garage sale, it may be one of the easiest ways to have someone come and buy on the spot. Price it just slightly higher since garage-salers tend to haggle for lower prices.

Don't: Drive it


Actually...this is awesome. If you can make your couch drive, please do so with caution.