As Burrow's resident cat lady I can personally relate to this struggle. I have lost an armchair and an ottoman to the two fluffy furniture terrorists I live with.

But never fear! There's a way for your kitty to peacefully coincide with your couch.

After trying numerous methods I finally found the 5 best cat-safe and couch-safe techniques to keep kitty off the couch:

1. Store-bought sprays

These deterrent sprays do basically just that - deter your cat from hanging in a certain area. The oils, herbs and pheremones used in these sprays are ones that cats do not enjoy. Some common brands are Keep Off, Boundary, Feliway, Pet Block and No-Scratch.

Simply spray these on your couch and it should keep kitty away without harming your sofa.

Photo credit: Chewy

2. Homemade sprays

If you want to go the DIY route (which also ends up being more budget-friendly and au natural) there are a number of sprays you can make with just a few ingrediants.

Cats don’t like the following smells: lemon, orange, lime, citronella, cinnamon, vinegar, garlic or pepper. (What little drama queens, am I right?!)

Luckily you can pick and choose the essential oils you like, and test out which combos work best at keeping kitty away. Since I didnt want my couch to smell like a vinegar garlic bomb, the recipe that worked best for me is:

-1 cup water
-1 teaspoon dish soap (I used the one from The Honest Co. but any will work)
-2 drops lemon oil
-2 drops lavender oil
-2 drops orange oil

Combined in a spray bottle and misted all over my sofa every couple of days keeps the kitties away. Not to mention it makes my couch smell AMAZING.

Photo credit: Live Simply

3. Double sided tape is your friend

Cat's paws are very sensitive to touch, and the sticky feeling from the tape is not one that they like. You can buy brands specifically made for furniture, like Sticky Paws, at most pet stores. (If you're having scratching-related issues this is going to be your saving grace.)

Let me tell you, this trick really worked for me. Cosmo and Binx no longer use the sofa arms as their personal scratching posts, and since it’s transparent you really can’t notice it! I recommend swapping it out every couple of months so the stick-power is fresh.

Photo credit: Petco

4. Invest in some kitty furniture

It's important for your cat to feel like they have a place in your home. Also, after kicking them off the couch you want to encourage them to hang somewhere else. Some kind of kitty condo is the best way to go, and they now design them to not be total eyesores! Amazon offers a plethora of decor-friendly cat furniture.

Placement is also important here. You want it near the couch, but not too close where they're encouraged to jump from their condo onto the couch. So nearby, but not a jumping distance.

Also, if scratching is your main problem make sure your kitty has plenty of scratching posts!

Photo credit: Hayneedle

5. Scat Mats

This nifty device actually works for cats and dogs alike. A Scat Mat is a thin, flat mat that you put where you don't want your pets to lay. It delivers a small electrical impulse (think about getting a static cling zap). This small impulse is not enough to harm your dog or cat, but it is enough to annoy it so it finds another area to lounge.

My brother used this method to train his cats not to go in the crib when his first baby was on the way. He reported back that it worked like a charm!

Photo credit: Pinterest