Holiday office party season is upon us. Whether you work for a laid-back startup up or a straight-laced coporate office, there are rules of ettiquette that apply to all.

These 5 tips will let you enjoy your company holiday party and not be embarrassed to come into work on Monday.


1. Dress code rules still (mostly) apply

When picking out your office party attire, keep in mind that all dress code rules are not totally out the window. Of course you can wear something a bit more casual, but still look put together.

Ladies, think cocktail attire not club attire- you can never go wrong with the LBD. Gents, iron your outfit and avoid graphic tees, distressed demin and sandals (this rule applys for every day of your life btw).


2. Try not to eat everything in sight

One of the best party tips I ever recieved was 'never go to a party hungry.' Once I switched from the 'there's gonna be free food so I'll skip dinner' mentality and actually ate a meal before, my party-going life was changed.

You should eat a little something since they spent good money on snacks, but avoid being the guy with an overflowing plate shoveling 12 pigs in a blanket into your mouth at once.


3. Use casual conversation to your advantage

Holiday parties are a great time to chat with people in your office that you don't normally get a chance to interact with. Is there an executive or higher-up you have been hoping to connect with? Now's the time to say hello.

Important note- keep it light and friendly and not too businessy. (They want to enjoy the holiday party and not feel like they're in a work interview).


4. Don’t get hammered

This may be the most important tip of all. There's no more gut-wrenching feeling than waking up the next day realizing you were the sloppy drunk at the party. So ask yourself...


If so, it's time to embrace the golden two drink maximum rule. Enough to loosen up and partake in the festivities, but not enough for you to hit on your coworker or tell your boss to shove it.


5. Offer to help clean up

Unless the party is hosted at a restaraunt or catered space, they probably need a hand after the madness is over.

Take the initiative to offer help cleaning up cups and plates, putting food away etc. (A good-gestured act like this may be what it takes to get the promotion over that other guy.)